Start with a Realtor - End with a Friend!

We found Meli through a link on Zillow and have been nothing but impressed with her from start to finish. She was always very quick to respond to our emails and was always very forthcoming with new information. We heard from her on a regular basis which is nice when dealing with the stress of selling a home. She took great photos of our home and planned lots of open houses to assit in the sale. Once we got an offer, the closing was incredibly smooth and simple. Meli was such a pleasure to work with and we'd recommend her to anyone!

Matt & Ashlee Davis
Ocoee FL
May 2012

I *highly* recommend Meli Gerogianis if you are looking to buy a home. We are a military family who needed to purchase a home from Europe essentially sight unseen. Meli took over 100 pictures of the property we were interested in, made sure no stone was left un-turned regarding repairs and even went after a shady contractor who came in way above his original estimate. She handled EVERYTHING and had a complete & thorough understanding of rules governing VA loans as well as potential pitfalls to avoid. Soooooo glad we found will be too.

Najia & Ken Stallworth
Dover TN
May 2012

We have purchased three homes in the past twenty years and we know just how tough that can be. Meli was there for us every step of the way in the purchase of our new home. From start to finish, the process of buying our home felt pain free – she was very responsive, she continuously, followed up with updates/info, and made sure everything was done in a timely manner. She was very easy to talk to and always available. We could not have a better agent and also she is an awesome person. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER! Guarantee you will not be sorry! Absolutely the best realtor I have ever worked with.

Steve Nagy
Clarksville TN
May 2012

Meli is FABULOUS! My husband, my son, and I were looking to sell our current home and purchase a new one. Our house isn't on the market, yet, but we just moved into our beautiful new home Meli assisted us in getting. Her negotiation skills are superb and she is pretty aggressive (in a really good sense). She was there to answer all of our questions/concerns. Another great quality about Meli is that she treats you like you are her only client, even though she has multiple clients, she gives you all of her attention- which is a big plus when going through something as stressful as buying/selling a home.

I'm looking forward to having her sell our home- I have complete trust she will do it!!

James & Emily Eising
Charlotte TN
April 2012

We were short in time and had to sell our house right away because of a job transfer to the West Coast. We interviewed several Realtors and decided to go with Meli. Meli was direct to the point, honest, and laid out exactly what we needed to do in order for us to sell our house quickly. She gave us very realistic numbers that expedited our decision making process. We did exactly what she said. We sold and closed on the house in no time; quicker than what we were expecting! If you want to sell your house (or buy a house), Meli is the Realtor for you! She knows the ins and outs of the industry, the area, the market, and will not disappoint. We highly recommend her to anyone who has real estate needs!!

User 267958 (Zillow Review)
March 2012

Meli was a great and professional Realtor!!! We appreciate everything she did for us. She went above and beyond what a real estate agent will do. My husband PCS'd to FTC from CA. We were looking at homes online and needed to buy right away to secure a place. Meli took plenty of pictures and prepared an online tour for us so that we could see every nook & cranny of the house. She made the buying experience real easy for us. We highly recommend her for buying and selling! She will not disappoint, because of her excellent service, knowledge, and expertise!

SF Bay Area Chic (Zillow Review)
Clarksville TN
March 2012

I can't say enough good things about Meli! I placed my property with another realtor and basically wasted six months before I was told about Meli. Once my contract with the other realtor expired I contacted Meli and I noticed the difference from the very start. She is very friendly, pro-active and provides sound solutions based on your specific situation. She is very knowledgeable and realistic; also good to know is that she is NOT afraid to get her hands dirty if needed.

I lived 1000 miles from where my home was and felt assured that I was in good hands. Thank you so much Meli, you are the best!!!

Richard Diago
Miami FL
February 2012

Meli is a great, honest, and hardworking agent. We have worked with her quite a few times and would not work with anyone else but her. We highly recommend her whether you are a first time home buyer or not. It is always a pleasure working with her.

Mrs. Grande
Frankfort KY
February 2012

We have yet to buy a house. However I wanted to leave a review as to our experience so far. You see, my wife and I have been looking for a house in the area for a while. We have contacted many different realtors by email, phone and in person. Most, when finding out my husbands credit score was below the normal lending limits- just discounted us and told us to come back in a year after we get our credit straightened out. Very disheartening to hear when its been such a repetitive thing. BUT NOT Meli! I just happened to have found a place and asked her a question about renting to own or owner financing. She wrote me back right away and asked me questions, which of course I replied and she gave us HOPE!! She referred us to someone that has lended with scores below ours.. ( ours is between 592-602) which SHE HAS BEEN THE ONLY ONE to even assist us with finding someone that can help! She is very personable (even though our correspondence has been email only) . She isnt pushy, judgemental or anything !. My husband and I cannot wait til we can say that Meli closed us on a house!!! I would highly recommend her to anyone. Like I have stated, we have gone through- talked to many different realtors, by far she is the BEST!!

Robert & Layla
Clarksville TN
January 2012

I am currently a Drill Sergeant stationed in Ft. Sill Oklahoma.  I received PCS orders to Ft. Campbell and I immediately looked into buying a home from a distance (basically online).  This was the first time me and my wife purchased a home.  We were a little nervous and worried about how the whole process worked, especially being that we did not actually PCS to the 101st yet.  We've seen the home on Zillow that we liked and contacted one of the three agents that were listed for the property.  We chose Meli because of her professional image, her great reviews, and after talking to her, she made us feel very comfortable.  She made the process absolutely too easy!  She answered all our questions and was so helpful in a way that I don't feel anyone else could have helped us more.  She was always available and quickly responded to my text messages, emails, and phone calls no mater the time of day.  If I every buy another home or sell my home in the Clarksville area, Meli Gerogianis will be my Agent.  These days it is hard to find honesty and hard work, Meli loves her job and handles it as a lifestyle.  She realizes that an agent assisting in buying or selling a home is not just a one-time deal and your done, it is a long-term relationship and a bond that must be truthful!!  Therefore she does more than her job as an agent, she embodies it, embraces it, and lives it.  Thank you Meli, we appreciate your service!!

Robert Jones
Fort Sill OK
January 2012

We have yet to buy a house.  However, I wanted to leave a review as to our experience so far.  You see, my wife and I have been looking for a house in the area for awhile.  We have contacted many different realtors by email, phone, and in person.  Most, when finding out our credit score was below the lending limits, just discounted us and told us to come back in a year after we get out credit straightened out.  Very disheartening to hear when its been such a repetitive thing.  BUT NOT Meli!  We just happened to find a place and asked her a question about rent to own or owner financing.  She wrote back right away and asked questions, which of course, we replied and she gave us HOPE!!  She has referred us to someone that worked with scores below ours, which SHE HAS BEEN THE ONLY ONE to even assist us with finding a lender than can help!  She is very personable (even though our correspondences been email only).  She isn't pushy or judgmental.  We cannot wait till we can say that Meli closed us on a house!!!  I would highly recommend her to anyone.  We have gone through and talked to many different realtors, by far she is the BEST!!!

Robert & Layla Dixon
Clarksville TN
January 2012

Meli was very professional and helped us make our decision.  She took the time to show us many properties (some a second time) and she gave us input where we wanted and other times let us alone to make our decision.  She was not pushy or demanding.  She also took the time to get to know what we wanted and she went through and made us a list of homes in our price range, area, and with the amenities we asked for.  She made appointments with the people still living in the homes and made the process very easy.  We had a limited amount of time to find a home and she was very instrumental in the process.  She responded more quickly than just about any other realtor I have ever dealt with.  I have tried to email companies on Zillow and got responses days later.  If you are going to be in the Clarksville area, you should seriously consider using this company and specifically Meli Gerogianis to guide you around, especially if you are like us and unfamiliar with the area.

Justin & Melissa Fox
Clarksville TN
October 2011

We bought our house based on pictures and the information Meli provided us.  We are a military family and moved from AK to TN and we're so glad we had Meli!  She guided us and advised us of pro's and con's since we are a young couple buying our first home so that was a huge help!  She was available every time we had a question or needed her.  She was such a huge help to us and we are so thankful we had her in this process.  She made it almost too easy!

Chris & Lacey Mercer
Clarksville TN
September 2011

Meli was absolutely amazing!  I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy a home in a heartbeat.  Best 1st home buying experience I could ask for.

Isaac Prince
Oak Grove, KY
September 2011

Meli was just super.  She was honest and straightforward.  Told us exactly what we needed to do to get the house sold and she was right there with us the whole way.  Would definitely recommend her to anyone at all!

Glenna Miranda
Clarksville TN
September 2011

It was wonderful working with Meli!  She gives 110% to all she does!  Not only is she friendly and knowledgeable, but she works so hard to help her clients.  We had to do alot of things for the sale of our home from out of town and she always kept us up to date and responded right away to any questions we had.  I have worked with other realtors in the area, and I felt like Meli was the most honest and thorough.  I recommend her to anyone needing a realtor in the Clarksville area!

Lauren Winkens
Clarksville TN
July 2011

Having sold homes over the years, we have had the privilege of knowing many good realtors.  However, Meli took realty skills to a new level.  She went above and beyond what that average realtor will do for their client.  Meli is prompt in all manner of communication (cell and email), early for appointments, faithful to do what she says when she says she will do something, respectful to both seller and buyer, operates at the highest level of integrity, is extremely knowledgeable in realty protocol and markets, and is a very caring and friendly person.  My husband was overseas and placed an email contact with her requesting representation.  That was just the beginning of Meli's prompt communication.  Our home was marketed in the most professional manner; wonderful video tour, multiple internet site listings, great coverage in the surrounding area.  Our home was under contract in less than 30 days and sold in less than 60 in what is called the "worst realty market" (and we had a small farm in a rural area).  It is true that you can count on Meli on every aspect of your realty needs, whether you are buying or selling.  You will start with a realtor and end with a friend.

Dawn Olin
Cadiz KY
May 2011

We were more than impressed with Meli's professionalism, expertise, candidness, and genuine personality.  She was an absolute JOY to work with and had not been for her making sure everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) was taken cared for along the way, our transaction would probably not have gone through.  Meli is truly amazing and one of a kind!  Do not hesitate to call her- she will not disappoint you!

Becky Soto
Clarksville TN
May 2011

Meli did an outstanding job in both the sale of my old home and the purchase of the new one.  She helped us find the right price point for our home and to present it to the market in the best light possible.  When it came time to purchase our new home, Meli was always willing to help at any time and when we found the right home, she helped us negotiate the price and concessions we wanted.  I am planning on investing in real estate in the future and Meli, without a doubt, will be the agent I call when that time comes.  You will not regret choosing Meli Gerogianis as your Real Estate Agent!

Eric Gregory
Clarksville TN
February 2011

Meli, it was a joy to work with you.  Helping me with my house and being there when I was nervous.  With my husband being deployed, it meant the world to both of us that you not only were our agent, but also a friend.  My girls also thought you were the greatest!  I look forward to the future when we buy a house again.

Jaime Tollers
Clarksville TN
January 2011

What can I say about Meli?  She is very experienced in the area of real estate and she will bust her behind to get a good deal.  She knows a lot about the area and a lot about what to look for as far as picking the house of your dreams.  She got us into the house of my dreams and without her, I do not think that it would have been possible.  If you pick Meli to be your Real Estate Agent, you will have a great experience and she is the cream of the crop!!!  I cannot say enough about her ethics and overall positive attitude.  We love Meli and if we ever wanted to buy again, she would be the ONLY person that I would call.

Latoya Ewert
Clarksville TN
January 2011

Meli has helped our family twice with finding rental property.  Her willingness to help everyone - not just families looking for home to buy, which puts her above the rest of the local agents.  I highly recommend Meli to anyone looking to move to the Clarksville/Ft. Campbell area.

Emily Curtis
Clarksville TN
December 2010

We have known Meli for a few years now and have to say she is great at what she does. We believe in her 100% and we have used her twice in one year: first in selling our house and then buying our new home again. She is honest and hard working. You never have to sit and wait on Meli. She does what she says and does it to the best of her abilities. She is a great realtor to have,  as well as a friend! I always recommend Meli to anyone who is in need of a realtor. She is definitely my first and only choice!

Mr. and Mrs. Dizon
Clarksville TN
May 2010

Meli goes above and beyond what she has to, to sell a house. She tells the truth and does everything she can to make sure you, as a home buyer or seller, get everything that you want in buying or selling. She tries to point you in the direction that you need to go to make sure you aren't going to get taken. Anytime I hear someone say they are looking to buy or sell, I always give Meli's name and number. She is great!

Candy R.
Clarksville TN
February 2010

Dear Mrs. G,

Thank you so much for taking care of me and helping me with the house. I know it wasn't easy to make this happen with me being in Iraq, but you did it! It took some time and I almost gave up on it, but you gave me hope and kept my faith. You've done right by me Ma'am. If any of the soldiers here needs any help with buying a  house, I will make sure they call you, cause I know you'll take good care of them. Thanks again for all you've done for me!

MSG Dion D.
Battalion Operations Sergeant
129th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion (CSSB)
Deployed Forward - Iraq
May 2008

Hello Ms G,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking care of me while over here. I really do appreciate the hundreds of e-mails and many, many pictures you sent till we got the right house. I felt like I had another mother looking after me. You made sure I got all that I needed done and answered all my questions, even the not so smart ones. When I get back to the States, my first visit will be to come see you at the office and thank you in person for all your hard work! (and thanks for reminding me about my first payment. we lose truck of time here)

SGT David R.
HHC 3rd BD
Deployed Forward - Iraq
August 2008


Thank you for all your efforts in helping us! Most won't go out of their way, however you have!
My husband received a call this morning to update the information and we got approved! It was a great relief especially since we found out 4 other people were looking into the same property! We owe you a mountain of gratitude! We will get in touch when we get in the Clarksville area!
Thank you Meli, you went above and beyond and we are forever thankful! 

Harmony & Mike V.
Honolulu, HI
October 2008